Front end devs deploy.

Deploy something—anything—right now, for free:

Surge makes it easy for developers to deploy projects to a production-quality CDN through Grunt, Gulp, npm.

From now on, I think I'm going to strive to build all my apps as fully static sites.

@surge_sh is my bff.

Deploy anything in six keystrokes

There’s only six keystrokes between you and deployment: Type surge and hit enter in your project directory to get it online immediately.

Publishing ease you’ve been missing

Remove your excuses. There’s no reason you can’t get your static site or client-side app online right now:

Absolutely in love with how easy and effective deployment with @surge_sh is.

Where have you been all my life.

And…BAM. Site moved from Amazon S3 to sweet new digs on @surge_sh Just like that.

Wow @surge_sh is impressively friction-free sites. `npm install -g surge;echo "# Hello world">; surge --build` done. Wow. Go get it.

I think I just fell in love with @surge_sh. Custom domains on the free plan is a big +1 for me.

Invite your team

Add collaborators, right through the CLI. Deployment is simple for new team members, whether you’re part of an open source project or a large organization.

Deploy to your domain—free.

Deploy to any custom domain for free by adding a CNAME.

Add a custom domain

Install Surge

Publish to the web with one command.

npm install --global surge

Also, @surge_sh is a beautiful OS project ← clearly content and UX was thought through w/these docs

Deploy in seconds. Add a custom domain for free.

Right from the comfort of the command line.

Get started