A tour of Surge,
Static web publishing for Front-End Developers

Publish any folder, right from the CLI

Front-end developers like you are better with the command line than ever—take advantage of it. Publish any directory on your machine with a single command: surge.

Install the Surge CLI globally through npm, and get any static assets or client-side app online, for free.

From now on, I think I'm going to strive to build all my apps as fully static sites.

@surge_sh is my bff.

Add your own
domain—for free.

Real projects demand real domains (even the ridiculous ones). We don’t place limits on publishing or adding domains. Surge is free to use.

…yes, seriously.

Stay in control of your content (even when pages aren’t there)

Nobody likes to end up on the wrong page, whether it’s because of a typo, a copy and paste error, or because of a dead link. Improve your visitor’s experience with your own custom 404 page.

Add a 404.html into your project, and Surge will automatically serve it, when the URL requested isn’t found.

Add collaborators

Adding a collaborator on Surge lets them publish to your domain, too. Teamwork!


You own your content. We only ask you for the information we need to get your project online. You don’t have to provide any personally identifying details—you only need a working email address.

Automatic Clean URLs &
SEO-friendly rules

.html file extensions on URLs look ugly, outdated, and might even be harming your search engine rankings. Everything published on the Surge CDN automatically gets clean URLs, friendly for visitors, and for SEO.

Clean URLs can take hours of work, and massive amounts of boilerplate configuration, on other platforms and servers. Publish your site on Surge, and they work automatically for free.

Ship static sites soundly.

Surge is free to use, even with custom domains.
Publish your project to a CDN in seconds.

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