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# With Node.js installed…
$ npm install --global surge
$ surge

Custom SSL for
Custom Domains

Give your customers peace of mind by running your entire client-side application on HTTPS.

Upgrade entirely from the command line.
Add a Custom SSL certificate…

Custom Redirects

Transition and change URLs without ever breaking links or losing search engine traffic. Custom Redirects make it easy to redirect individual pages, and URL patterns.

301 /:y/:m/:d/:slug /blog/:slug
301 /contact /about
307 /me

Force traffic to HTTPS

Upload your Custom SSL certificate, and redirect all traffic to HTTPS—without sacrificing the maintainability and speed of your project. A redirect to HTTPS is more important than ever:

[Google is] starting to use HTTPS as a ranking signal. … we’d like to encourage all website owners to switch from HTTP to HTTPS to keep everyone safe on the web.

Every project on Surge includes:

  • Unlimited publishing
  • Custom domain support
  • Custom 404.html page
  • 200.html for pushState routing
  • Surge’s powerful, reliable static CDN backing your project
  • No lock-in: you own your content and can leave anytime

Just used @surge_sh to deploy my site. It was actually as easy as their website said it would be. Very impressive.

I literally do not think you can create a site and deploy quicker than – Be sure to check this out #surge @surge_sh

Absolutely in love with how easy and effective deployment with @surge_sh is.

Where have you been all my life.

Second website heading to @surge_sh, honestly, check it out 42 seconds from cli to published and live!

You can keep a secret

Not ready to share quite yet? Password protect any static site or client side app with Surge Professional. Know your projects and your clients’ are safely hidden from prying eyes.

Adding password protection

Upgrade right from the command line

When you’re ready, add any Surge Professional feature, and upgrade right from your terminal. Yep, we take PCI-compliant payments right through the CLI.

…okay, not really a feature, but it is pretty cool, right?

Thank you @surge_sh for the fan-fkn-tastic support! @sintaxi 🍻 😄

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